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Upon eating the delicious, organic, and real food, prepared by the original Nature's Garden at SFU, many customers requested recipes.

Nature's Garden Favourite Cookbook is an ebook filled with those requests.

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This recipe is just a sample of the many healthy and delicious foods that were served at the original Nature's Garden. Nature's Garden Favourites CookBook is full of similar customer requested recipes.

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My biggest joy was the smile my food put on your face!

My biggest joy was the smile my food put on your face!

Cooking healthy delicious food to serve to our many customers and friends at Nature's Garden was much more to me than a business. It was a mission to create something of value, not only in terms of food but to our earth. It was about being sustainable and about FairTrade. It was about being socially conscious. It was about our guests and our caring for you in the best way we possibly could.

My biggest joy, when you first saw your plate of food, was the big smile of anticipation it put on your face. For me, this made it all worthwhile.

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Take control of your eating by cooking at home.
Dreaming of your favourite Nature's Garden food?

Dreaming of your favourite Nature's Garden food?

Does that favourite muffin, soup or panini from Nature's Garden still linger in your memory? Now you can cook it at home with a recipe from Nature's Garden Favourites CookBook.

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Worried about your health? Life keeping you too busy to eat healthy?

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  • Everything is made in their kitchen.

    Dolores and Bill operate Nature's Garden with integrity of product. They do not compromise on quality of food. All ingredients are certified organic and no GMO ingredients are used. Everything is made in their kitchen.

    Nina Halliday Palmer Evans Publishing, Editor
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