Just when you thought your favourite Nature's Garden organic food was only a memory.

Have you been pining for your those big chunks of organic apples in the vegan apple muffin or the chocolaty moist gluten-free zucchini muffin? Both recipes are in Nature's Garden Favourites Cookbook.

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Living Organically and Sustainably.
Real Food

Are You In a Food Rut?

I found myself standing in front of the veggie cooler at the the supermarket, bored with my old menu, and trying to think of something new to do with the same old vegetables.

Real Food

2 Keys to having a relaxing holiday: Planning & Preparation

Some quick prepping recipes when you are pressed for time.

Real Food

Individual Frittata Recipe: Make Ahead For A Quick Breakfast

The key to healthy eating is to be prepared.

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Real Food

What is Real Food?

Real food is how nature supplies it. In stark contrast to processed food which is unnatural. "Industrial food is the opposite of real food. Real food is old and traditional, while industrial food is recent and synthetic." Nina Planck author of Real Food: What to Eat and Why

Organic and Sustainable Living

8 Ways Organic Farming Protects Us and The Environment

"Farming cannot take place except in Nature; therefore if Nature does not thrive, farming cannot thrive....The appropriate measure of farming then is the world's health and our health, and this is inescapably one measure." Wendell Berry

About Dolores

Realizing the health hazards of processed food Dolores has made cooking healthy food a mission to help people take control of their diet. Creating and adapting recipes at Nature's Garden for ten years has given Dolores the experience and skills to help busy people cook at home. Methods used to keep a busy cafe in all the favourite foods on a daily basic can be used to create menu plans for those who want to improve their health by ditching processed food.

Growing up on a small farm where most of the family's food was grown by her hardworking parents gave her the knowledge and an appreciation for what real food is.

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Want control of what goes into your body? Cook at home!

This site is about living and eating organically and healthily. It's about getting rid of processed food and taking control of your eating by cooking from scratch at home. There will be information to help you with your healthy choices. And lots of delicious easy recipes that your family will love. And don't worry, a plan to organize your kitchen, your menu and your shopping is in the works for those extremely busy people that just don't have the time to put it all together. Fill out the survey to be sure the plan meets your needs.

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